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Lake O Pines Individual 4/21/18 RESULS

Rusty Owens took 1st with 19.23 2nd James Odom with 18.84 3rd Jeff Bonner with18.46 4th Bob Gross with 17.05 Big Bass 6.87 caught by Keith Davis. Be on pines for the Team Tournament next Saturday 4/28/2018 everyone have a good week.

LOP Team Tournament 4/28/2018

LOP Team Tournament this weekend 4/28/2018 will be at cedar springs go to www.teambass18.com are call 903-767-3821 to get signed up fishing hours 6:20 am check in 3pm will be a trailing event everyone have a good week

Wright Patman Individual 5/20/2018

  1. Clay Penny        TX
  2. Barry Tucker     TX
  3. Chuck Smith     TX


  1. Randy & Ryan Mercer
  2. Clay Penny Barry Tucker
  3. Michael Spraks Billy Moreno
  4. Harry & Clayton Vissiering
  5. Bob Gross Aaron Walker
  6. Brent Black jr.  Tony Hays
  7. Shannon Smith Zackhary Ivic
  8. Kirk & Kendall Cochran
  9. Adam Cherry Kevin Belk
  10. Carl Clark Corey Ryan
  11. Chuck Smith Chris Blalock
  12. Robert Ross Richard Belt

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     My name is Jeff Johnson.  I have loved to fish from the moment I experienced the excitement of my first catch as a young boy.  From that day, fishing became my passion and some would even say that I am hooked.  

     I have fished many tournaments through out the years, as well as putting on the Tuesday night tournaments during the spring and tournaments on Lake Welch during the fall months. Meeting new anglers and competing are exciting and drive me to continue growing in my fishing expertise.  

  Recently, many have asked that I start a new tournament, and who am I to deny the popular demand?  I decided to take on the challenge and create, Team Bass.  I look forward to seeing the successful 2018 Team Bass come to life with mighty anglers competing for the win.  Now, let's get ready to rig, jig, and cast our way to a fun and competitive year together!


Jeff Johnson


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